Chris Cornell’s Friend Says He ‘Had To Fight’ To Get Through Last Performance


Detroit artist and musician Kevin Morris discussed Chris Cornell’s final Soundgarden show in Detroit in a new People article. Morris was Cornell’s roadie for Soundgarden and Audioslave in the past. He said he would talk to Cornell six to seven times per year, and he happened to be in attendance at the late singer’s final performance at the Fox Theatre on Wednesday.

“The whole performance you could tell something wasn’t right,” Morris recounted. “Into the second song he started getting disoriented or something. I just figured he wasn’t feeling well.”

“Everybody felt there was something going on,” Morris continued. “Like he wasn’t with us. Like he was on a cloud. It was like he was really fighting to get through the show.”

“He’s been clean for years,” Morris said. “He talked to his wife right before and right after the show… He was working very hard to make everyone happy. He loved Detroit. What was troubling him I don’t think we’ll ever know. I think he was a little nervous about playing in Detroit, the music capital of the world, and he took a little too much of the Ativan.”

Morris got the news of Cornell’s death in the middle of the night: “I’d just laid down to go to sleep and my sister called around 1 a.m,” he said. He’s since been in touch with Cornell’s wife, Vicky.