Courtney Love Reveals Why Frances Bean Cobain Will Save Rock


Courtney Love was recently interviewed by Vogue Italy, and she was asked about the state of rock, and she believes women like Frances Bean Cobain can help it come back. Below is part of the interview. Keep in mind the quotes are translated so not exact.

You were one of the first women to form a rock band all female, how would you define the situation of women today in music? 
In the music world I do not think there was a big revolution compared to when I started, it’s difficult to get out of the stereotype of rock bands made up of men, but I hope things can change quickly. At this time America is experiencing a “crazy” situation from every point of view, I trust that the #metoo movement will bring a radical change.

I know you listen to Lana Del Rey’s music. And your daughter Frances Bean Cobain is following in your footsteps.

With Lana we did a tour together a few years ago, while Frances what can I say? She has a beautiful voice and I’m proud of her.

Do you think rock is dying?

Rock will never die, rock is inclusion! Remember that music is the second language in the world. Certainly today in America you hear more hip-hop and rap music than rock, but we must not forget that rock has marked an era, has created fashions and lifestyles, iconic and unforgettable songs. And then if the rock were dead we would not be here in Florence for this great concert! When Renzo Rosso called me to propose to participate, I immediately dictated yes. At first I have to confess I was afraid and I thought: what the trouble was I stuck in? Then I started to try and I felt a great energy.