Dave Grohl Family Announces Sudden Tragedy


Dave Grohl’s mother Virginia has died, Dave’s daughter Violet has announced to Foo Fighters fans.

Merricat Blackwood, “Violet confirmed in her live today that Dave’s mother, Virginia, did pass away in late July. 😓 She was fairly philosophical about it, talking about how she was 84 and had led a good life, but what a cruel few months it’s been for their family. 💔 ”

MerricatBlackwood76 said, “V also said she’s getting a portrait tattoo of Virginia later this week. ♥️”

DrummerDKS wrote, “Pretty gnarly for a 16 year old, but Id guess she has her dad’s permission.

I lost my brother in may and a close friend yesterday and I’m at a loss. The world can get fucked for a few months.”

MerricatBlackwood76 added, “She said Dave loved the idea and she’s going to Toronto with him later this week for ‘his work’ and will get it done there where the tattoo laws are more relaxed.

Oh man, I am so sorry. That is a very heavy load for anyone to carry. The world can get well fucked indeed. 😓”

posteriorsholewife said, “F**k dude. I wish life for once, lets us take a breath, let us grieve, let us dance, let us just be… for a fucking moment without reality slaps back again. What a fuck up year. And its just August. Like when Taylor died, there will be ppl sending their love, prayers, thoughts, positive vibes and peace towards the foo family cuz she wasnt just Dave’s mom. She was a mom to all who met her. Foo or not. It just sucks.”

Not A Regular Mom posted, “Virginia was an amazing example of giving your child roots and wings. The world would be a better place if we all had that kind of unwavering support from our parents, and followed her lead with our own kids. It’s no coincidence that Dave has survived thrived in an industry that chews up and spits out so many, and been considered the “Nicest Guy in R&R”.

Rest easy Virginia, and give Taylor a huge hug from all of us 💞”