Dave Grohl Finally Reveals What He Did With Shotgun


Foo Fighters frontman and iconic drummer of Nirvana Dave Grohl was on the Bon Appétit Foodcast recently to promote his new Backbeat BBQ company. During the show, Grohl shared a story about how he would go hunting during his earlier years and what he used to do with his shotgun. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments. 

Grohl: So, growing up in Virginia, there was always someplace, somewhere that had some sort of barbeque. It wasn’t like a big part of my life when I was a kid but I had always dug it and I was always into cooking, out. Actually when I was a kid, when I was young I would go hunting and stuff like that. 

Host: Like hunting rifles? 

Grohl: Hunting rifles?

Host: As opposed to, like, hunting with Ted Nugent with a crossbow!

Grohl: I used hunting shotguns actually. 

Host: I don’t know, you’re talking to a Jewish guy from upper/middle class [Washington] D.C; I don’t know what these things are. 

Grohl: No, no, you’re not gonna blaze up guns out there. Now, I would do a lot of bird hunting on the bay.

Host: Oh the bay, classy.

Grohl: Yeah, the ocean. I would go around Chincoteague and Assateague. That was mostly goose and duck, eastern shore shit. I would then go to places outside of Leesburg and Purcellville in places in Virginia to do-

Host: I like how you’re going from the Rehoboth accent to the more Southern accent. 

Grohl: You have to say the name of the places right, but I would hunt dove and pheasant but mostly just bird. 

Host: Would someone dress them and then you’d eat them? What would happen?

Grohl: I’d fucking clean them and cook them!

Host: Oh okay, how did you learn how to do that?

Grohl: My mom had a boyfriend who lived with us, his name was Chip Donaldson. Chip was a substitute teacher that was also a car salesman who was also a Vietnam veteran. Like this brilliant dude. I think he was a forensics coach or a debate coach. Chip was a really trippy guy that moved in with us and as a result, our house went from looking like a tiny Hirshhorn museum in Springfield, Virginia to a hunting lodge. In one week everything was brown, there was wood everywhere, maybe some taxidermy and all of a sudden there were shotguns above the bed. I was like, ten or eleven so for like a ten or eleven-year-old boy it was like, fuck yes, this is fucking rad!

Grohl concluded:

Grohl: So I learned to hunt and shoot by going out to farms and cleaning their barns of pigeons.