Dave Grohl Hints At Surprise Foo Fighters Album, Then Drops Bombshell


In a new Kerrang interview, Dave Grohl first got the interviewer’s hopes up by appearing to announce that Foo Fighters had written a new album, but he then announced that Foo Fighters would take a break ‘for awhile.’ Grohl had previously announced a Foos break, but didn’t specify if it might take awhile. It’s sadly not the bombshell news Foo Fighters fans were hoping for!

“No, we’ve already written another record, and we’re gonna hit the road next year…”

He then said, “(Laughs) Hell no, I’m kidding! We’re gonna take a break for a while. Oh my god, I’m gonna be turning 50 in January! I think that as with most things we do, we’ll just go at it when we’re ready. It’s a hard thing to get away from, to be honest, because we actually enjoy playing with each other – we love the time that we have together onstage. So when that’s over, every time you take a break, you just fucking miss your band. And it sounds corny, but it’s true. The thing is, everybody’s always doing something, so eventually it’ll just come together. We’ll see what happens.”

Dave Grohl told Billboard’s Chart Beat podcast that he is ready for a break, but already has ideas for the next Foo Fighters album. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“It’s a challenge, you know? You kind of set these goals for yourself, to see if you can do it again, even when you’re crawling to the finish line you know that it’s there. So here we are at the last set of shows we’ve been on for a year and a half and I’m ready to take a break but I’m ready to do it again at some point.

When we start making records it’s almost like I don’t hear the song as much as I can see them, in my head. So I don’t read music, I see music in kind of shapes and patterns, so I can see the next record, I know that there is another one there, I don’t know when but I think I know what we should do. We’ve been lucky, we’ve had this lightning rod that we’ve followed for fucking twenty four years, or whatever and it takes us where we think we should go.”