Dave Grohl ‘Huge Fight’ With Foo Fighters Revealed


Foo Fighters discussed nearly breaking up in a new Zane Lowe on Apple Music interview.

How important is [2002’s] ‘Times Like These’ in the history of the band?

Dave Grohl: We were making that record and it just wasn’t really happening for whatever reason. The recordings weren’t what we wanted them to be, the enthusiasm wasn’t really there…

Chris Shiflett: It was also the first record I made with the band, and it was very confusing. I was like, ‘This is the weirdest record I ever made!’ I thought the band was gonna break up.

Taylor Hawkins: I thought the band was going to break up and it’s funny you bring up that song because I remember, I think literally the first time we ever played it was at a rehearsal, after the Queens of the Stone Age Tour. And it was actually there that we all got in a huge argument and it was maybe the closest the band actually really did come to breaking up but then didn’t.

It was like… It was the seven year itch, as Dave said, and we were just still trying to figure out kind of how to be a band still, and sort of phoned in and Dave was really excited about the Queens stuff. And it was like, “Well, what band are you in?” And now we all have millions of fans, it doesn’t matter anymore, but it was just a sh-tty [expletive] time for the band and we’d realized we needed to finish the record. We almost broke up, as Shiflett says, at this rehearsal. Me and Dave got in a screaming match and just a bunch of sh-t [expletive] percolated.

And then we were like, “Okay, well, we’ve got to finish this record.” And Dave literally had like, a week, before a Queens of Stone Age Tour. And then Dave came to my house, we did a couple of demos. We did one that was “Times Like These.” And we were like, “Well, that’s a great song.” And then we had “Low,” we came with “Low” and something else. And then we said, “Okay, well we have a week at Dave’s house in Virginia.”