Watch Dave Grohl’s Hilarious Muppets Drum Off


Dave Grohl’s drum battle from The Muppets has surfaced early. You can watch video of Grohl having a drum off with Animal from Miss Piggy’s band below (via Consequence of Sound). The Muppets episode airs on ABC tonight, but it debuted in Canada last night.

An assistant/runner who worked on Foo Fighters’ Saint Cecilia discussed the making of the new EP on Reddit.

“First off, the whole thing was recorded in about 5 or 6 days spread out between the 2 weekends they did ACL. I think Dave mentioned in his letter, first weekend was just cutting tracks, and the second weekend was vocals and overdubs.

I was basically just an assistant/runner, setting up mics and getting levels, and occasionally pushing record and playing back previous takes for the band to listen back. I wasn’t super pivotal haha.

the Preservation Hall jazz guys came over the first night, and Gary Clarke Jr. was there too hanging out. It kinda just turned into a big fun party, but the jazz guys did a part for the title track of the EP, that, upon listening, I’m not sure if it’s buried deep in the mix, or on the cutting room floor.

The recording equipment was super minimal. it was such a spur of the moment thing. we used a mac, some outboard gear like neve EQ’s and distressers, and the rough mixing was just done in Pro Tools.

it seemed like the band produced it themselves and all the mixing and mastering was done in LA after tracks had been cut.

the band was super nice and it was such a great experience.”

He added that there was an unreleased track recorded during the session.

“Fuck Around was recorded (that’s Taylor singing harmonies in Dave’s bathroom) but I guess they decided it didn’t fit with the EP. Other than that, all the songs are there (although upon hearing Iron Rooster, I have no memory of ever hearing that song. maybe it’s from somewhere else? haha.”

“everyone brings something different and cool to the table. Chris did about 5 solos at the end of the The Neverending Sigh and there was one point where we played all of them at the end and it was just this beautiful hurricane of guitars and Chris was able to take the best and make something amazing. Taylor’s fills were amazing and everyone would bounce ideas off of each other. those dudes really know how to play together. it’s incredible.”