Dave Grohl Photographed Riding Daughter’s Bike: ‘It Has A Pink Bell’


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl had a run in with a fan a couple of days ago while he was biking in the Los Angeles area. A fan stopped him, and Good Guy Dave posed for a photo. Grohl appeared to be riding his daughter’s bike.

negeorgie posted on Instagram, “Was riding home after a gravel ride and look who I meet? Love this man! Thank you Dave! #foofighters #davegrohl #morningride #gravel #ridebikesbehappy.”

Below are some of the Instagram comments, along with the photo.

encinovelocyclingclub: “Nicest guy on earth.”

gravelandi: “aDude!”

negeorgie: “@encinovelocyclingclub yes he is!”

nate.dawg__: “Wtf nice.”

foofightersteam: “Congratulations on meeting the man!”

long_distance_runner94: “I’d talk his fucking head off.”

foofightersfan: “Amazing. That must have been so funny to see Dave riding a bike. Love it. Good for you!!!!!!”

foofightersfotos: “Cool photos.”

negeorgie: “@foofightersteam he is THE man.”

_rodrey: “Ohh maaaan so jealous of you! Haha. How did you approach him?”

mariavanhook: “WHAT??? Where was this at? Over by his house in Encino??”

ghisellehendrix: “@x.aniek_o WOW.”

carlottamm: “Lucky you?”

stephynos: “his bike!! must be his daughter’s… the blue scrunchie/hair tie on the handle bar! oh wow you are soo lucky ???.”

hayleydwan: “This is amazing!!! ?”

anna_h_dungay: “? the scrunchie and the pink bell makes it even more awesome! ?”

dayrisers: “Cannot be more lucky!! Im in love with that man! ?”

tdzalitdavidson: “You win the dang day! LOL?????❤️??”

photos_by_rose:, “WHAT. NO WAY. I LOVE THAT MAN”

juliohunt: “Only Dave can rock in a Nike like that…cool dude.”

juliohunt: “Omg….so lucky….What did he tell you?”

fallenrox59: “It was your lucky ? day!”

sammytheparesh.ani commented: “@sankoobaba if you ever meet him on one of your rides … Video call then and there ????.”

mariavanhook commented: “@fpstone hahahaha seriously! I keep missing all these DAVE EVENTS because I am at work!!!”

fpstone commented: “@mariavanhook I’ll come visit and we can take a week off and bike around the ‘hood.”

jasonfaix commented: “The best thing I’ve seen all day. ?? #legend.”