Dave Grohl Praises Famous Creed Song


In the vast landscape of music, few figures have traversed diverse musical territories with the finesse exhibited by Mark Tremonti. First recognized as the guitarist for the multi-platinum post-grunge band Creed, Tremonti has since embarked on a musical odyssey, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Following Creed’s disbandment, he spearheaded the immensely successful Alter Bridge, earning a reputation as a 21st-century guitar hero. Beyond this, he ventured into solo endeavors with Tremonti and showcased unexpected vocal prowess with an album of Frank Sinatra covers.

Tremonti’s musical prowess, however, is just one facet of his persona. A testament to his benevolence lies in his dedicated work for the National Down Syndrome Society, inspired by his daughter Stella, establishing him as one of rock’s genuine philanthropists. In an exclusive interview with Hammer, conducted ahead of his upcoming Christmas album release, Tremonti delves into a myriad of topics, offering insights into his festive preferences, recounting Woodstock 1999, expressing regrets about shirtless photoshoots, and much more.

As reported by Louder Sound – One highlight of Tremonti’s journey unfolds as he reflects on Creed’s emergence during a period dominated by upbeat, pop-rock sounds. He recalls the serious undertones of “My Own Prison” resonating amidst a sea of more buoyant tracks on rock radio, capturing the audience’s attention with its somber allure.

Woodstock 1999, a momentous event in music history, holds a distinct place in Tremonti’s memory. Contrary to the nostalgic spirit associated with Woodstock, this iteration was a modern rock festival marked by aggression. Tremonti recounts the electrifying experience of Creed’s performance and the surreal aftermath witnessed as they made a swift exit, watching the festival erupt in flames.

Navigating the highs and lows of a musical career, Tremonti offers valuable insights on handling both criticism and praise. Drawing from personal experiences with Creed’s polarizing reception, he emphasizes the importance of developing thick skin and enjoying the creative journey irrespective of external opinions.

In a candid revelation, Tremonti shares a humorous anecdote from the early days of Creed, shedding light on the pressure to conform to industry norms. A reluctant participant in a shirtless photoshoot for Spin magazine, he reflects on the enduring image that occasionally resurfaces to humorously haunt him.

Amidst the tales of musical triumphs and challenges, Tremonti offers a glimpse into the camaraderie and rivalries within the industry. He draws parallels with the contrasting reactions from peers, citing Dave Grohl’s commendation of Creed’s “Arms Wide Open” as a standout moment. Grohl’s endorsement serves as a testament to the complex dynamics and diverse opinions that shape the narrative of an artist’s career.

Mark stated: “Creed were very polarising amongst our peers. There was one guy – I don’t want to name him – but I approached him, pretty much said I was a fan and he was kind of cold. Then I was playing guitar with a bandmate of his, and they told me, ‘Oh, yeah, he talks mad trash about your band.’ But then there’s been other comments; somebody had told me Dave Grohl came out and said Arms Wide Open was one of the best songs ever written, which is awesome.”

As Mark Tremonti continues to evolve as a musician and philanthropist, his story unfolds as a multifaceted journey marked by resilience, creativity, and the perpetual quest for authenticity.