Dave Grohl’s Property Stolen At Bar, Security Video Released


Dave Grohl gifted a mirror to an Australian bar earlier this year, and it has been stolen.

The Cherry Bar has posted the following on Facebook:

In answer to all your questions Cherry Massive:

“No! We have not had our Foo Fighters’ mirror returned yet, sadly.”

I think we can all agree that this… reflects very poorly on these disappointing young men.

We would implore these guys to…take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror, and then return the mirror.

Cherry opens at 2pm today for Cherry Blues with Heinous Hound playing two live sets for FREE.

you have until 3am tonight (well technically 3am Monday when we close tonight) to return our Foo Fighters’ mirror to Cherry (no questions asked) or we’ll go to the Vic Police and your Bank, who have your full contact details, given we already have your credit card particulars (cos we have CCTV footage of one of you buying a round of 4 pints on your credit card. Bahahahahaha.)

So wipe that evil smile off your face and do the right thing.

Have a sunny Sunday everyone.


James Young
Cherry Bar
AC/DC Lane Melbourne

PS: Cherry has been contacted by the Foo Fighters “family” offering to replace our rare mirror, but we really want our original one back please!


Below is a photo of the thief from the security video.