Dave Grohl Reveals Why Kids Like Nirvana More Than Foo Fighters


Dave Grohl was asked in a new Japanese interview if he imagined Foo Fighters lasting this long when he started the band. Grohl also claimed that kids like Nirvana more than Foo Fighters, at least when it comes to fans wearing shirts at Foo Fighters shows.

“No, when we first started playing, we knew we wanted to be a band, but we couldn’t imagine. It’s funny, there are times where I’ll meet people, they know about the Foo Fighters, but they don’t realize I was in Nirvana.

But then also, our audience has been around for so long that now parents bring their kids to shows. You would imagine it would be the parents with the Nirvana shirts and the kids with the Foo Fighters, but it’s actually the opposite. The parents are wearing Foo shirts, and the kids are wearing Nirvana shirts. Nirvana is like classic rock now to some people.”

Grohl also discussed Lorne Michaels calling him a few years ago and asking Foo Fighters to be Mick Jagger’s backing band in a new Beats 1 broadcast with Lars Ulrich (via Rolling Stone).

Grohl wanted to help but realized he had a gig the same night as the broadcast, and his manager told him he wasn’t allowed to cancel the show. So they took a helicopter. “We soundchecked or whatever, flew over, did a two-and-a-half­–hour gig and flew back and jammed with them,” he said. “And then since it was the season finale, they were having a party out in that square with the ice rink right next door or whatever and they’re like, ‘Would [Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins’ cover band] Chevy Metal play the party?’ So we’re like, ‘Yeah.’

“We said to Mick, ‘Hey, would you wanna come up and maybe do “Bitch” with us?'” he continued. “And he was like, ‘Yeah, we’ll see how it feels.’ And then the party starts and we see him and we’re like, ‘Pleeeease, Mick Jagger,’ and he came up and did ‘Bitch’ and it was amazing. He was so on it and the audience was like, ‘Oh, my God,’ and we just go straight into ‘Miss You’ to make sure he doesn’t leave the stage and it was nuts because you don’t realize how Mick – he’s super cool. He’s a great guy.”

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    Knows where you come from. History does not come from only 1 issue.

  • clouds

    He is delusional: comparing the iconic imprint of Nirvana on rock to the lousy mainstream tunes of FF is just that, delusional. Take a break DG.

    • Unglued

      Foo Fighters >>> Nirvana

      • clouds

        not sure what you mean..

  • Travis Ledbetter

    I cannot wait to see FF next month!

  • Raj

    The parents are probably trying to stay trendy which is why they were the FF shirts and make their kids wear the Nirvana t-shirts or the kids still recognize Dave Grohl as the Nirvana drummer, lol. It’s weird hearing Nirvana on classic rock stations now. Usually they play Sabbath, Zeppelin and all other 60s and 70s stuff but now it’s all mixed in with 90’s artists like Nirvana, Collective Soul, etc.

    • dakotablue

      Actually I think it’s the kids who want to be cool wear Nirvana shirts. You’re probably right about the parents chasing trendiness, though.