Dave Grohl Reveals Why Throne Was ‘Stupidest Idea’


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed his rock and roll throne he used on the Foos 2015 tour when he broke his leg in a new USA Today interview.

He said when he first saw the throne he thought it was the ‘stupidest idea,’ but that it led to some great shows.

“The first time I saw it or sat in it was at RFK,” he says, referring to the D.C. stadium where the band staged its 20th anniversary show. “I crutched up there, looked at it and started (expletive) howling laughing. This is the stupidest idea. But I feel like those were some of the best shows we’ve ever played because I feel like the energy in the arena or stadium really changed when we were faced with some sort of hurdle. You’ll do anything to get past it and bring the place to life. And it did.”

He also discussed Taylor Hawkins’ huge drum riser on the Concrete and Gold tour.

“That thing’s pretty fun,” Grohl, 49, admits. “When it comes to drum risers that go 60 feet up in the air, you can’t lose. That’s a win-win situation. We all grew up loving bands that had one of those at least once. It’s the lighthearted nod to the classic rock-and-roll arena show that we like to juggle around.”