Dave Grohl Says Kurt Cobain ‘Prayed’ At Nirvana Show


A Foo Fighters fan took to Reddit this past weekend and discussed the great time they had at a recent concert. A few weeks ago, a fan asked what a typical Foo Fighters concert was like, they wanted to know the songs before seeing them live at Roskilde.

Yesterday, they went to see Foo Fighters perform, and it was the best concert they’ve ever been to. The night before, Skrillex had performed, but Foo Fighters’ show was even better. They thought Skrillex’s show was the peak until they experienced Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl remember Nirvana at Roskilde

Dave Grohl was amazing on stage, he was funny and full of energy, even though he got wet from rain (he even poured water on himself). He interacted with the crowd, telling stories and jokes. He talked about when Nirvana played at Roskilde in ’92 during the peak of their career. Denmark was playing in the Euro Finals then, and the concert was delayed until Denmark won. He said Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic were praying for Denmark to win.

Dave made everyone feel like part of the Foo Fighters family, whether they had been to their shows before or not.

Foo Fighters played longer than expected, extending every song. Many of the fan’s friends went to see Charlie XCX instead, but Foo Fighters kept playing even after her show ended. The concert ended with a powerful performance of “Everlong,” which felt like a promise to see the fans again next time.

This experience made the fan a dedicated fan of Foo Fighters. They were also moved almost to tears multiple times during the concert because of the incredible energy in the air.