Dave Grohl Showed Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong How To Do Something Really Weird


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl taught Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong a bizarre musical skill….how to chew gum and sing on stage. Armstrong discussed Grohl’s special talent on The Howard Stern Show yesterday.

“You know who told me [how to do that]? It was Dave Grohl.”

Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt added, “It gets stuck in [Grohl’s] mustache.”

Stern said Grohl will chew gum for entire concerts, but Armstrong said he doesn’t have the same gum chewing stamina that Foo Fighters’ legendary frontman has.

“Right now I’ll [chew gum], if I’m in rehearsal I’ll do it, but when I’m on stage, I can’t. There’s no way I can keep gum in my mouth.”

He also discussed MTV no longer playing music videos, and his love of Temple of the Dog.

“MTV was really good in the early 90’s, it’s funny because you were playing Temple of the Dog earlier, and I specifically remember that video with all those guys in the band. Then I don’t know why, they got out of it, no more videos.”

Howard also asked if Green Day can see themselves still playing at 70. Billie said he thinks so. He said you might as well do it until you can’t do it anymore. Howard said maybe you call into the trap and don’t deal with the horse shit. Mike said they’ve been rich a long time and he’s never pretended not to be. He said the things that matter don’t apply to money. Howard asked Mike if he goes in and plays guitar every day, and Mike said he does. He said he guarantees there’s a guitar in everyone’s house there. Howard also asked Billie if he plays every day. He said pretty much. Tre Cool said he has a drum set in his living room.