Dave Grohl Surprises Krist Novoselic With Another Reunion Performance


While the Nirvana reunion performance with Joan Jett and John McCauley was highly publicized last weekend at Cal Jam, it wasn’t the only Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic reunion performance. Earlier that same day, Grohl made a surprise appearance during a set by Novoselic’s band Giants in the Trees.

Novoselic discussed Giants in the Trees in a new The Daily World interview.

“In two or three days, we had two songs, pretty far along, and we never looked back,” Novoselic, said in a phone interview. He attended Aberdeen High School with Kurt Cobain and the two later founded Nirvana.

Giants in the Trees melds a few genres — folk, rock and some grunge influences, and seems to draw some inspiration from the lush Northwest environment, with songs like “Sasquatch,” complemented by a music video with band members wandering through the forest bigfoot style.

In one online interview, vocalist Jillian Raye explains that she was starstruck playing with Novoselic for the first time, but he says they’re probably long past that now.

“There’s that whole fame thing, it only goes so far, I think now I’m probably just annoying to them,” Novoselic joked.

Watch video from the Giants in the Trees and Dave Grohl Cal Jam 2018 performance below.