Taylor Swift Lip Syncing: Is Dave Grohl Right?


Foo Fighters leadman Dave Grohl, in a live show, called his band’s performance “Erro’s Tour,” as they “actually play LIVE,” pointing out the natural errors and mistakes that a LIVE performance has while indirectly taking a dig at Taylor Swift’s famous Eras Tour.

In what appeared as a direct reply to Dave’s perceived jab, Swift addressed the issue on the third night of her Wembley Stadium stay. Calling attention to her band in a distinctive way, she spoke to the crowd of enthusiastic fans.

Expressing her sentiment to the packed stadium, she declared, “Every one of my band members, every single one of our crew, my band who’s gonna be playing live for you for 3.5 hours tonight, they deserve this so much. And so does every one of my fellow performers.”

Fans appreciated how gracefully and gently she responded to the man and credited her crew and band members. Another fan commented, “When someone says she doesn’t play LIVE, they aren’t just insulting her, they are insulting the performers who work with her, people who are not superstars. It’s punching down in the most despicable way.”

Another person tweeted, “Can’t handle that a woman is more talented and successful.” Taylor also appreciated her fans and showed gratitude to them for attending a three and a half hours long show.

Taylor Swift lip syncing

No matter what the intention of the Foo Fighter founder and singer, Taylor Swift plays to the people and has exceptional PR training. Instead of taking the jab at herself or addressing whether she sings LIVE or not, she shifted the conversation to her team and made it about their hard work.

Now, coming back to the question: Is Taylor Swift lipsyncing in her shows? Well, she does allegedly use a fair amount of backing and supporting vocals in her shows, but it’d be unfair to call that lip-syncing, as the singer does perform her vocals live for the most part of her shows.

Singing for three and a half hours is quite a daunting task, and it’s not a bad thing to have support if that means putting up a great show for the fans!