Def Leppard Reveal Motley Crue Meltdown At Bar


Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott recently recalled the first meeting with Motley Crue.

Joe Elliott opens up on the matter

In a new interview with Stuart Clark the Hotpress, Elliott looked back on the first time he met Mötley Crüe. He indicates this was around the “Too Fast For Love” era, before the Crüe went from being a small club staple to selling out arenas and stadiums.

When Clark noted that the L.A. rockers are “still capable of kicking serious ass on stage”, but added that they “are a far tamer proposition than they were in the ’80s when, like Def Leppard, they were conquering Planet Rock”, Elliott commented:

“Thank God for that! My first time encountering Mötley in the ’80s was in the Rainbow on Sunset Strip. It was quite comical, really – they had their arms draped around hot chicks with bits of pizza in one hand and a f*g in the other and they were just off their face drunk. It wasn’t a particularly cohesive conversation we had – just, ‘Hey dude!’ The last gig on the Pyromania tour was in a San Diego barn called the Jack Murphy Stadium, which is sadly no longer there.

It was the first stadium we ever headlined, 55,000 people were there and supporting us were Mötley Crüe, Eddie Money and Uriah Heep, which was quite the mixture! I’d just bought my first video camera, which was the size of a telephone box, and shot footage from the dressing-room of Mötley on stage that I still have. Then in 2011, they opened for us in the UK. It wasn’t that particular tour, but Tommy Lee used to do this mad thing where he played the drums upside down. The whole kit would flip over with Tommy harnessed in and he wouldn’t miss a beat. He’s a real showman – they all are.”

Joe then revealed what his favorite Mötley Crüe album of all time:

“My favourite Mötley album is Dr. Feelgood. Bob Rock was the producer and it’s got some great riffage! They got the sound down better and really focused on the songwriting.”

Both Def Leppard and the Crüe had toured together last summer as part of the highly-successful “Stadium Tour.” They will spend the first half of this year on the road together, first playing an intimate show in Florida, and then they will be touring Latin/South America and some dates in the U.S., the latter of which will include Alice Cooper as the opening act.