Eddie Van Halen ‘Wanted To Fight’ Before Dying


Eddie Van Halen’s ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli has been making the rounds recently as she has been taking her new book to the road that describes her loving and moving relationship with rocker, Eddie Van Halen.

What has been hitting headlines lately is how she discussed a massive stroke Eddie had suffered in her new book ‘Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today.’ In the bombshell of a book, she speaks on everything before and after his stroke. She details in the passage Eddie’s want and need to fight to stay alive.

It was recently explained by Valerie that Sunday morning Alex Van Halen was the first to arrive and calls Wolfgang Van Halen to tell him that he cannot wake Eddie up. Wolfgang, concerned and incredibly shaken up ends up giving a call to Valerie and they all rush to the hospital. When they get there, Eddie is just being brought back from having a scan done to see what all may be going on. The doctor follows shortly and shows them the results of the scan, but Valerie says the results are so obvious and devastating that no explanation is necessary at all. In that moment, Valerie and everyone around Eddie had already known what happened and what was going on. Overnight, Eddie had a massive stroke that would change the direction and dynamic forever. The doctor says he knows Ed wanted to fight, but he doesn’t think Eddie will ever be fully conscious after this stroke.

Sadly, the family had their hands tied and figured it would be much better to decide on comfort care for Eddie rather than putting him through much more to see if anything at all would change in a big way for his diagnosis. Eddie would later pass away from these issues.