Eddie Vedder Banned From Major California Concert


Eddie Vedder performed at The Magnolia Theater in the San Diego area last weekend, and he discussed his band Bad Radio being banned from a benefit show in 1989. Eddie Vedder recently discussed how Chris Cornell passed away.

Teskeinc wrote on the Ten Club board, “Pretty cool story about the building back in 1989 when Ed was in Bad Radio, he was scheduled to play for a benefit show or something, handed out flyers and close to the date, the show was canceled by the Director because Ed’s band was not worthy of playing a high-class establishment like this. You could tell he wanted to come back and rock the building properly. Which he did.” Sea and John recapped the show on the PearlJam.com forums.

Eddie Vedder & The Earthlings
The Magnolia Theater
El Cajon, CA
February 27, 2022

Band Onstage: 09:07
Band Offstage: 11:36
Walk on music: On My Way-(from the album Earthling)

Eddie Vedder: Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Chris Chaney: Bass
Glen Hansard: Guitars, Keys, bg vocals
Josh Klinghoffer: Guitars, Keys, bg vocals
Chad Smith: Drums
Andrew Watt: Guitars, bg vocals

Opening: Glen Hansard
Revelate w/ Andrew Watt (bass) & Chad Smith

Earthlings Set List
01. Society-(Hannan) w/ Glen Hansard/Working Class Hero-(Lennon) {Ed sings the lyrics for a couple of lines then he and Glen improv some lyrics. lasts 56 seconds}
02. Drive-(Buck, Berry, Mills, Stipe)
03. Room At The Top-(Petty)
04. I’ll Be Waiting-(Vedder, Hansard)- (from the film soundtrack Flag Day) {Ed & Glen lead vocals}
05. Timeless Melody-(L.A. Mavers)
06. Invincible-(from the album Earthling)
07. The Dark-(from the album Earthling)
08. Long Way-(from the album Earthling
09. Brother The Cloud-(from the album Earthling)
10. The Haves-(from the album Earthling)
11. Wishlist
{Ed gets a phone from a person who had been taking pictures earlier. He deletes a photo from her phone}
12. Good And Evil—(from the album Earthling) {live debut)
13. Fallout Today-(from the album Earthling)
{Ed introduces some of the people that worked on the album that are here tonight and brings onstage longtime monitor engineer Karrie Keyes (rhymes with eyes)}
14. Try-(from the album Earthling)
15. Chad-O
16. Mrs. Mills-(from the album Earthling)
17. I Got ID/Cinnamon Girl-(Young) (two lines. 38 seconds)
18. Lukin
19. Porch

Encore Break

20. The Waiting-(Petty)
21. Give Blood-(Townshend)
22. Dirty Frank
23. Isn’t It A Pity-(Harrison)
24. Rocking In The Free World-(Young) w/ Anthony LoGerfo (Promise Of The Real) playing drums, Chad Smith plays guitar.