Eddie Vedder Called Out For Not Showing Up To Show With Nirvana


In a new Rolling Stone article, Eddie Vedder not showing up to a planned Pearl Jam show with Nirvana for MTV is discussed along with the band’s collaboration with Cypress Hill.

Muggs said, “I gave them the basic skull and bones of the sample and they went in and played everything they played. They ripped the shit out of it, Pearl Jam style.”

B-Real added, “We recorded vocals in Los Angeles and they recorded the music in Seattle. We thought they were just gonna play their instruments and give us a rockin’ track; we didn’t know they would put up a little background harmony thing. We were actually stoked that they did that, ’cause it was so unexpected, man.

We’ve only ever performed it one time and that was MTV Live and Loud where it was supposed to be us opening, Pearl Jam co-headlining and Nirvana headlining. Unfortunately, Eddie Vedder did not show up for whatever reason that day. So Pearl Jam couldn’t play, but because they were there we were able to do ‘The Real Thing’ which made that night special.

It bumped us into the co-headline spot to open up for Nirvana for a MTV event, and that was big for us. So thank you, Eddie Vedder, that was awesome of you not to show up [laughs].”