Eddie Vedder Defends ‘Arrogance’ Of Surprising Band


PearlJamOnline reports that Join Together (With The Band) is a museum quality, collectable hardcover coffee table book that captures The Who‘s explosive stage shows as well as quiet moments off-stage in many never-before-seen photographs spanning 1980 through 2017.

The exclusive photographs in the book were taken by William Snyder who has been the band’s official photographer of more than seventeen years. The foreword is by Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. In it, he credits The Who for saving his life.

Join Together (With The Band) is now available for pre-order at jointogetherwiththebook.com. 50% of all profits will be donated to Teen Cancer America.

Vedder wrote in the book, “Outside of his being a college professor, the photographer William Snyder and I share many things in common. First and foremost our deep appreciation and devotion for all things WHO. We also share the rarefied air that comes with having formed a working relationship with the band and their close knit family of comrades and crew, all legends in their own right.

I know it is something that neither of us take lightly. And if he is anything like me, he carries every other Who fan with him on his shoulders, wishing they all could be fortunate enough to experience what its like being afforded into the fold.

That being said, The Who are an unruly bunch. For this they are forgiven in that their ferocity as individuals and bandmates contributed immensely to their being the greatest live band ever.

It is also this earned arrogance and surly behavior that makes it quite easy to conceive that they’d be very difficult to photograph. Especially close up. Safety first!”