Eddie Vedder Expensive Ticket Prices Stun Fans


Ticket prices are skyrocketing across all genres of music and for all artists, including Eddie Vedder. This is something that is unfortunate when it comes to being a huge artist or band. Most of the time, it’s not at the fault of the artist or band at all. In fact, a lot of it has to do with major labels and major ticket vendors. Eddie Vedder wasn’t able to escape this fate either, and fans of his are feeling sad about this.

Eddie Vedder has always been a proponent of lower ticket prices and has always stood his ground on that stance along with his band, Pearl Jam. There comes a time, however, where an artist can only do so much before their label and the rest of the politics step in to stop them.

Fans of Eddie Vedder took to the message boards to discuss the harsh reality of ticket prices and they all shared the same sentiment of how outlandish the prices seem. The going rate per ticket falls within the realm of $250.

One user stated the following: “The cost is certainly high. However, that seems to be the going rate for shows right now. I just bought my wife Morgan Wallen (I had to look him up, country guy) tickets yesterday for her and her friend at $250 a pop for pit. Metallica was $200 here in Atlanta.”

The user continued with a valid point: “By no means am I comparing either of the two artists listed above to EV, but the cost is going up for everything and venues are likely forcing there hands to make up for two years of lost revenue.”

Pearl Jam’s May 2022 tour was recently revealed to fans after a 2-year wait. The band will finally play in North America when they hit the road again in the new year.