Eddie Vedder Gave Adam Sandler A Note For Adorable Reason


SPIN have up a throwback article by former Saturday Night Live writer Tom Davis.

I knew it was happening but it really didn’t strike me until my young Saturday Night Live cohort, Adam Sandler, handed me a wrinkled piece of notebook paper with penciled, handprinted scrawl on it.

“What’s this, Adam?”

“It’s a letter to you from Eddie Vedder. He’s the lead singer from Pearl Jam. I saw him a couple weeks ago and he asked me to give this to you. He likes you.”


“Eddie Vedder. He talked to you in studio 8H when they did the show last spring.”


Below is the note:

Tom Davis–

This is Eddie Vedder. I sing in a band that was on your show. Don’t know if you recall … I do. In a hallway I mentioned white Adidas with green stripes. You mentioned buying seven pairs … 12 pairs … how many? I was questioning how had they remained in such good shape?

I remember these shoes … think I mentioned how dear Dad wore white shoes, those same ones, thusly I would wear them too. On my back. Why do we always remember that shit? I dunno … Why am I retelling this to you? Again … I dunno … And you were dry shaving with a Bic … constant and consistent … like a Martin Scorsese school film I once saw … I see a lot of stuff … remember one-half of that … And I can play that small moment in the hallway … stop it … rewind … strange … that’s why I write this I guess.

Bye. See you around, Eddie.