Eddie Vedder Is Doing A Song For Twin Peaks, Huge Rock Star May Be Involved


Sea reported on the PearlJam.com forums that Eddie Vedder’s new song “Out of Sand” will be featuried in the 2017 revival of ‘Twin Peaks’ on Showtime, “First live performance. Written and recorded for Twin Peaks show. Ed also performed it at Jack White’s studio to a wax cylinder. It has been released as a bonus single with the live to acetate package.” Vedder will also guest star on the series.

While it’s unknown if the version used on Twin Peaks will be the one from Jack White’s studio, PearlJamOnline have shared the lyrics.

Vedder appeared on Showtime’s Cameron Crowe created series ‘Roadies’ on Sunday night, performing and acting in the season finale. Watch video below!