Eddie Vedder’s Mary Poppins Halloween Costume Is Adorable


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and his wife Jill wore adorable Halloween costumes on Wednesday night, according to Jill Vedder’s Instagram. Jill Vedder was Mary Poppins, and Vedder was Bert, Dick van Dyke’s character from Mary Poppins.

This isn’t Eddie Vedder’s first classic Halloween costume, as he and his Pearl Jam bandmates dressed up as Devo at a concert in Philadelphia for Halloween in 2009.

Relix reported:

Pearl Jam got a chance to be a part of something monumental in 2009 when they were asked to close down the famous Spectrum in Philadelphia, with the fourth and final night falling on Halloween, their first October 31 show since 2000. Of course, the masters of ceremony rose to the occasion and then some, with a 41-song set that kept the Spectrum open for business well into November 1.

Along with nearly every one of their best known songs (there weren’t many that went unplayed over the four nights), the finale featured some of the most sought-after songs in the band’s catalog. Among them, the first “Pilate” since October 25, 2000 and even more, the first “Out of My Mind” since 1994. And that was just the main set. The first encore was punctuated by the chilling, accordian tune “Bugs” (a debut) and the second kicked off with the band emerging dressed as Devo for a spirited “Whip It.” Jeff Ament would also get to pay homage to Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) with the first performance of “Sweet Lew.”