Eddie Vedder New Release Will Stun Tool Fans


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is getting into the wine business like Tool singer Maynard James Keenan, though Eddie’s wine is a limited release for the Roberto Clemente Museum. Clemente is a baseball legend, and one of Vedder’s sports heroes.

The auction states, “Six limited edition 750ml bottles of Engine House 25 Wines with custom Eddie Vedder wine labels, featuring:

3 Bottles of the ‘EV’ 2016 Cab, with Eddie Vedder’s iconic EV logo
1 Bottle of the ‘Killer Zin’ 2016 Zinfandel
1 Bottle of the ’21’ Malbec, the same that he drank on stage in the last Pittsburgh show
1 Bottle of ‘Barrel Front’ 2016 Sangiovese, with a label showing a photo of Eddie’s personal barrel at Engine House 25

This wine package or individual bottles featuring Eddie Vedder’s designs will not be available for sale outside of this auction.

Bid increments are set at $50.00.” Keenan runs Caduceus Cellars in Arizona, dedicating his summers to winemaking and scheduling his Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer tours around it.

Eddie Vedder frequently drinks wine on stage at Pearl Jam and solo shows, with the drinking inspiring some of Eddie’s best onstage banter and stories with fans, and some classic photos. The current bid for Vedder’s wine is $1,800, with 3 days left on the auction as of this writing.