Eddie Vedder Paid Huge Money By A-List Star


Eddie Vedder continues to remind everyone why he is truly one of the “better men” in all of rock. The Pearl Jam frontman performed at a ROCK4EB! charity show for the EB disease on Sunday in Malibu, California where fellow A-list stars Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow were in attendance. Adam Sandler made this disease revelation with Eddie Vedder.

We can confirm that the charity event was a smashing success as the official EB Research Partnership took to social media via Twitter to confirm that Vedder and company help raised over nine hundred thousand dollars for EB research. You can view the tweet below. Eddie Vedder was recently hit on by a surprising male rock icon.

EB Research Partnership
Rock4EB! was an unforgettable evening with #EddieVedder, @AdamSandler
, and @JuddApatow
that raised over $900,000 for life-saving #EBResearch. Thank you to all who supported this fantastic event that benefited ours and @ebmrf
‘s efforts to #healEB

In other news regarding Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder, a recent poster took to the Pearl Jam sub-reddit to discuss their favorite and least favorite Pearl Jam album. As user u/jaimakimnoah explains:

“For me – Favorite: No Code. While it doesn’t have the feeling of a consistent theme of albums like Ten or Yield, what keeps me coming back to the album is the variety of styles on display. It’s not just the variety either, but the way it’s put out there. Where Vitalogy felt like a more raw and raucous form of musical experimentation, I’ve always enjoyed the understated and subtle approach of No Code.

Least favorite: Lightning Bolt. I can accept that by the 7th or 8th album in a band’s repertoire they’re going to settle in for a style that works. Pearl Jam had proven so much by that point, it’s hard for me to really criticize them. But the album feels really phoned in.” Eddie Vedder filming a creepy video with his ex-wife recently resurfaced.