Eddie Vedder ‘Regrets’ Pearl Jam Ten Classic?


Eddie Vedder’s classic wet vocal production sound on Pearl Jam’s Ten is reportedly something he regretted, according to engineer Dave Hillis on the Cobras & Fire podcast.

The interviewer asked about Brendan O’Brien’s remix of Ten, “Were you offended when they had Brendan O’Brien come in and strip it all down and re-do it?”

Hillis responded, “Well, I kind of saw it coming. There’s a two-part answer to that – I really liked [mixer] Tim Palmer and what Tim Palmer did for the mixes. I think how he mixed it is what made it do so well in the radio for that particular moment in time.

But I also knew that Jeff [Ament, bass] wasn’t happy with the amount of wetness, and I know Eddie [Vedder, vocals] felt the same way, Ed was getting more and more into like the punk side of things. I kind of saw that they had regret and that they saw that’s where the new albums are going to go.

And I think they always in the back of their mind wanted to see what ‘Ten’ would have sounded like that way, so I wasn’t too shocked by them doing that. The record is one of the biggest records out.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.

  • Stone Gossardish

    We regret the original version of Brother was never finished. The one with the amazing little speech Eddie gives at the end that somewhat predicts what the next 30 years would be for that band, totally by accident.

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