Eddie Vedder Reveals Romantic Valentine Photo


Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill Vedder has shared a beautiful new Valentine’s Day photo, where Eddie looks very young for his age!

Jill wrote, “Every day is Valentines with this babe😍 couldn’t be more grateful for all the days I get to keep you all for myself ❤️#bestfriend #soulmate #loveofmylife.”

Lost In Ohio recently pitched some changes to the Ten Club during the downtime in the pandemic. He posted on the forum, “What I’d wish they’d do:

Number one:

Whatever the equivalent of a “defrag” is for membership numbers. If someone is 299XXX, there’s obviously a LOT of empty numbers lower than theirs. Why not move everyone up?

If 2,000 people are in line to ride a rollercoaster and 10 people drop out, you’re no longer 2,000 in line, are you?

My 279xxx from 2003….I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s lower than 250k. A lot of people sign up for tours. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people temporarily dropped out around 2010-2013 when things got relatively quiet.

Number two:

When it comes to seated tickets, let people choose their own seats based on seniority. When it comes time to buy tickets, the first thousand or so get to go first…for all shows. Two tickets per show, seats or GA. Nothing changes there.

But, if you choose seats, you should be able to select your seats off a map. Want aisle seats? There ya go. Stone’s side? Done.

Nothing regarding membership senority would change. Member 12924 would still have much better seats than 299019.

But…one advantage? If husband and wife wanted four tickets side by side, that could easily happen…the member with 12,924 would need to wait until 299,019 became eligible. At this point, they’d both go on the map, select their seats and they’d get four seats together.

It’d be the same with a group wanting 8, 10, 12 or however-many tickets. They’d wait until the window opened for everyone.

I’ll admit the downside would be that the member since 1999 would take a huge “hit for the team” to sit with others who joined in 2006, 2009 and 2014, but it’s the trade-off.”