Eddie Vedder Has Surprising Reaction To Small Crowd At Show


Recently, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder spoke with Matt Vaughn, owner of Easy Street Records in Seattle Washington, and KEXP’s Kevin Cole about Record Store Day and a number of other topics. One of which was Eddie’s surprising reaction to the small crowd at Easy Street Records way back in 2005 before Record Store Day was even a thing. Eddie and Pearl Jam have a long history of supporting indie record stores, even before it was the cool thing to do. Alternative Nation transcribed Vedder’s comments.

Kevin Cole: What was it like then playing for what was probably the smallest crowd you’d played for in a long time.

Eddie Vedder: The attitude felt big so…that’s when you go beyond the numbers, even though there were people sitting up in the rafters (laughs), but there were so many freaking people packed that it felt like the most people we ever played for!

As always to Eddie, the energy of a crowd reigns supreme over the numbers in the crowd.

“½ Full”
“American in Me”
“State of Love and Trust”
“Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town”
An early version of “Comatose” from the band’s 2006 album, Pearl Jam
“Spin the Black Circle”
“Even Flow”
“Save You”
“Bleed For Me”
“The New World” (with John Doe)
“Fuckin’ Up”