Eddie Vedder Tells Romantic Story Involving Aretha Franklin


At Pearl Jam’s show in Boston at Fenway Park on Sunday, Eddie Vedder talked about sharing a room with Jeff Ament in the old days. Vedder said, “Putting sarongs on the lamps. It was so romantic.” He also said, “Listening to Aretha Franklin, Belly (other bands..).” Vedder also got around to saying Pearl Jam are very grateful to this city. “It is a great rock and roll city.”

At another point of the show, Vedder checked in with people in various parts of the park. Ed says it is a shame that the players never get to see this place with fans all on the field and jokingly suggests that if the Red Sox win they should trash the field. Ed says he is joking because Sam Kennedy invited them to come and he notes that one person that regrets music shows is David Mellor the head groundskeeper. Ed plays a Tom Petty song for John. Ed pulls out his Red Telecaster that he got from Tom Petty. Ed ask everyone to light some lights. Ed breaks down a little at the end of the dedication.

Tom Petty died in October 2017, while Aretha Franklin died last month and had a huge star studded funeral a few days ago.