Elon Musk Brutally Goes After Green Day


Elon Musk, the innovative mind behind Tesla Motors and a tech billionaire, has taken a jab at pop-punk legends Green Day for altering the lyrics of their iconic track ‘American Idiot’ during their New Year’s Eve performance. The band, known for their outspoken views, showcased a modified version of the song, criticizing Donald Trump by singing, “I’m not a part of the MAGA agenda,” in lieu of the original line referencing a “redneck agenda.”

Green Day’s performance, part of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and hosted by Ryan Seacrest, caught the attention of Elon Musk. The entrepreneur responded to an article posted by Not the Bee on X/Twitter, expressing his criticism with a touch of humor. Musk remarked: “Green Day goes from raging against the machine to milquetoastedly raging for it,” accompanied by laughing emojis.

X users swiftly pointed out Musk’s use of “milquetoastedly” as non-existent, emphasizing that “milquetoast” is the correct term. Musk’s linguistic misstep prompted users to share the definition of “milquetoast,” describing it as a term denoting a timid, meek, or unassertive person. Some users humorously added that one could form the adverbial form as “milquetoastly.”

Via NME – This incident isn’t the first time Green Day has targeted Trump in their performances. At the 2016 American Music Awards, the punk trio led a chant against Trump, echoing, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” Last year, the band creatively used Trump’s mugshot on a limited-edition charity t-shirt, titled ‘Ultimate Nimrod,’ overlaying it with their iconic ‘Nimrod’ album cover.