Ex-Guns N’ Roses Drummer Reveals What Duff McKagan Called Him About


Kings of Chaos appeared on Jonesy’s Jukebox last week on KLOS with former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. Former Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum, Stone Temple Pilots members Robert and Dean DeLeo, and The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy were interviewed. Jones, Sorum, and Duff McKagan played together in Neurotic Outsiders in the 90’s.

Jones said during the interview, “Wasn’t that a name tossed around, Kings of Chaos, before we picked the Neurotic Outsiders name?”

Sorum responded, “It was.”

Jones shot back, “Didn’t I come up with that name, Kings of Chaos?”

Sorum said, “No, Duff did, and he’s been calling me about that.”

He then sarcastically added while laughing, “I’m like, ‘Really, right now you’re going to get on me about that, you’ve got that other thing going. Screw you!'”

“So no, me and Jonesy had a band called Neurotic Outsiders. John [Taylor] came in with Neurotic Boy Outsiders.”

He later said, “Remember why we got John Taylor in the band? We thought he was going to have supermodels. (Laughs) We get to the gig, and there’s no supermodels. Where’s Christy Turlington?”

Jones said, “There weren’t even any models, let alone supermodels.”

Sorum then finished the name story, “Then Duff came with Kings of Chaos, and we voted on Neurotic Outsiders.”

Watch the full interview below!