Ex-Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Wanted Replacement Gone


DJ Ashba had joined Guns N’ Roses back in March 2009 as their new guitarist, with the change taking place after Robin Finck parted ways with the band. Ashba recently spoke about his time with the Axl Rose-fronted band in a new interview with Mark Dean of Antihero Magazine.

DJ Ashba blasts guitarist Brian Carroll

Ashba was highly critical of Brian Carroll (Buckethead), the former Guns N’ Roses guitarist. He also outlines why he believes Carroll “took the coolness out of the band”:

The guitarist said: “I didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping that one-day Slash would come back, and the reason I took the gig is that, honestly, I was — no disrespect to Buckethead [former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Brian Carroll, who was in the band between 2000 and 2004] or anybody — but seeing a guy run around with a chicken bucket on his head, it’s, like, to me, that took the coolness out of the band that I grew up loving.”

He added: “And that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to get in there and try to do whatever I could do to get justice, bring back that reckless rock and roll vibe of what Slash was all about and Guns N’ Roses was all about. To me, it was in a sense losing that thing that I loved about the band. And I love Buckethead as a guitarist. No disrespect at all — it’s just, in my opinion, he didn’t really fit the band.”

Ashba had issued a statement back in July 2015 about leaving Guns N’ Roses “to dedicate myself to my band SIXX: A.M., my adoring wife and family, and to the many new adventures that the future holds for me.” Previously it was noted that Blink-182 and Guns N’ Roses members were recording.

He later claimed that he was approached about being part of the band’s “Not In This Lifetime” tour, but that he declined, citing his desire to pursue Sixx: A.M. full time. It has been noted that only Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan from the band’s “Appetite For Destruction”-era lineup are taking part in the band’s current reunion. They are being joined by keyboardist Dizzy Reed, guitarist Richard Fortus, and drummer Frank Ferrer. The second keyboardist Melissa Reese has been also scheduled to make an appearance.