Ex-Nirvana Member Reveals 5 Hilarious Names Band Played Under


Former Nirvana drummer Aaron Burckhard revealed the 5 names Nirvana played under while he was in the band during their early days in a new Reddit AMA.

1. Skid Row
2. Pen Cap Chew
3. Ted Ed Fred
4. Bliss
5. Nirvana

Below are other quotes from the AMA, edited for grammar by Alternative Nation.

“One of my favorite memories is after I left the band, my new band opened for Nirvana, and Kurt [Cobain] showed up with his neck all painted red with lipstick, and he declared himself a red neck lol.”

“One of our first covers was ‘Tramps and Thieves’ by Sonny and Cher, a few Led Zeppelin songs, and of course ‘White Lace and Strange.'”

“I’ve been listening to a lot of heavy stuff lately, a lot of hard rock. I see Krist [Novoselic] every once in a while, he doesn’t live too far from me.”

“Love [all Nirvana songs] but ‘Drain You’ has always been one of my favorites. The lyrics are totally like a painting.”

“I met [Kurt] at a Melvins practice. I would also see him around north Aberdeen a lot at the time, I lived across the alley from Dale Crover, drummer for the Melvins.”

Burckhard was the first drummer recruited for Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic’s rock group that soon came to be known as Nirvana. Burckhard played drums for the band until December 1987.