Fan Claims Pearl Jam Member Told Him Where Band Will Play In North America


A fan on the Ten Club boards is reporting that Jeff Ament told another fan Pearl Jam will indeed play Seattle this summer. A few members also recently discussed their favorite website Alternative Nation! See the latest posts below.

AB4076 posted:

Tonight I talked with someone who was at the Southern Cal vs. University of Washington basketball game back on 12/29 down in LA and it just so happens that Jeff Ament was at the game. Jeff told him that they will be playing Seattle this summer (no date or venue) and that it had been far too long since they had played Seattle. Hopefully this is another confirmation.

DSTRUB posted:

Alt Nation strikes again!

ZeldaZonk posted:

Oh geez, what did he post this time? I don’t want to look and add to his site traffic.

KC138045 posted:

Headline “Pearl Jam Have Reportedly 100% Confirmed North American Shows”
Story is just 5 quotes from this thread lol

ZeldaZonk posted:

Ugh……he must really be desperate for stories. I used to enjoy some of his articles, but it seems like in the past couple of years it’s become a lot more reminiscent of a tabloid, so it lost my interest.