Fans Pissed At Scalpers For Buying Most Pearl Jam Tickets And Selling For Unbelievable Prices


A thread on Reddit regarding tickets to Pearl Jam’s summer 2018 London shows has gone viral. See some of the posts below:

First post:

My girlfriend sat there this morning for a whole hour not waiting leave her laptop in order to purchase just two tickets but as soon as they were “live” they were no longer even available. Pearl Jam is her favourite band and to lose out to people only in to profit is not a good feeling. Genuine fans are being fleeced for money above the price the band themselves deemed fair for the tickets

Yes this was mainly just a rant but this behavior is disgusting.

On top of the 3x price hike these do not include fees…. what the fuck are the fees for? Do they pay the bots they set up to grab the tickets?

edit: yes I know I spelled popping up wrong

edit 2: I have seen some tickets for now 6x/7x the price of the original although these were only a few so far

edit 3: sorry for the slightly colourful language in the title I was and still am angry at the situation

Second post:

I signed up for a presale ticket release (different band) joined the fan club, tweeted it, and other things to get the best spot in line I could.

I was number 103 inline for a venue that holds 10,000. Each buyer was limited to 4 tickets max. I called at my allotted time on the dot and tickets were sold out. How does that work? At maximum they should have only been able to presale 412 tickets at max, but nope presale sold out.

And I was in Group 1 of like 12 groups. I kept trying for 3 hours and sold out each time I called in.
*Edit: Logged in, 408 Max when not counting myself.

Lesson learned: The Fan Club, Tweeting and Posting on Facebook to better your chances is just free publicity for the band you are trading in for no reward. Why a band would want to do this to their most loyal fans- not sure.

Third post:

9000 of those seats were already sold in bulk deals or given away before they ever went on sale.

Fourth post:

I saw a resale website had already put resale tickets at 2x the price up, an hour before tickets officially went live. So messed up.

Fifth post:

And the resale site is almost certainly owned by one of the big ticket vendors here in the UK. I’m sick and tired of being gouged by ticketing companies with their endless charges for ‘booking’ – isn’t that what they do anyway? and using a card – like there’s an alternative.

Pretty much stopped going to any big shows because the venue organisers and the ticket companies don’t give a damn about anyone apart from the corporate accounts who block book thousands of tickets for clients who might not care less about the act only that it’s free.