Finalists For Stone Temple Pilots Singer Job Possibly Revealed


Former Fuel frontman Toryn Green and John Borja hinted on Facebook that they may be finalists for Stone Temple Pilots’ singer auditions, set to begin in Los Angeles on April 18th. On STP’s Facebook status announcing that they had selected finalists to audition in person, Toryn Green commented, “This has been an amazing experience… Good luck to you all! -TG.” John Borja commented, “Toryn Good Luck Bruh!” Green responded, “And to you John!”

Toryn Green responded to criticism to his audition last month on’s forums:

I’ve had the chance to browse through a few of these posts and I needed to clear up a few things, as there appears to be much speculation and incorrect assumptions going around these threads.

First, I am just like you. I grew up listening to these guys, and granted… the album that hits home the hardest for me is CORE, because those songs were so powerful to me as a teen. My other 2 big influences around that time was FUEL and AIC. What I love about STP is that as the face of music continued to change, they had the creative power to change right with it and in fact continue to be a driving force in actually making that change.

I’m 40 now, but a decade ago, when FUEL had their open auditions and I was selected after months for that position, I was stylistically altered to fit THAT band during THAT time. What to wear, what to say, how to behave under certain conditions… A lot of the flack I’m reading on here about me is purely superficial, (chains, ripped jeans etc) but what you are failing to realize is the context. Those images were from tours such as “The Bad Boys Of Rock Tour” with bands such as Papa Roach and Buckcherry. That was over 8 years ago now. Do I realize that STP is a different type of band with a different stylistic creative approach to musical expression, AND that this is 2016? Absolutely. I decided to include those tour images in my vid submissions because its a part of my past and I felt that I wanted to show that I’ve done this before.. I know what it’s like to perform in front of large audiences… sometimes 7 nights a week if needed. I know what it’s like to flip the switch when giving interviews at 7am each day singing the new single acoustically over the air when you’ve only had 5 hours of sleep from the bus ride in from the town before.. I know what it’s like to have to deal with “haters” that are really just people who don’t fully understand who you are and what you’re about and feel the need to express themselves because they are just as passionate about their opinions on the bands originality as you are.. It’s also important for you to grasp that what you see onstage and around festivals and in the media is a persona that is often quite different than the person that your close friends get to see. It’s just like Robert and Dean have said recently in interviews.. They want somebody who’s real and who they can hang out with. Putting on “a show” on stage is something else entirely. But like many of you, I’m in the auditioning process, and experience, , writing ability, vocal versatility, stage presence, professional work ethic and a growing fanbase are some of my strengths. When you’re auditioning, you gotta put your best foot forward and hope that what sets you apart gets noticed… But also like you, I have a genuine love for this band and what they’ve created, and I have a tremendous desire to see them reach new heights in their musical future.

If any of you are interested in my writing, you can check out the “Another Life” album by Emphatic in which Justin McCain and I collaborated, or “The Incinerator EP” from Something To Burn. Admittedly I’m a lyrics and melody guy. A few other example are “Halos Of The Son” on Fuel’s Angels & Devils, “Time is Running Out” cowritten with Brian Vodinh, and “Lie To Me” by For The Taking, cowritten with Corey Lowery of Saint Asonia.

If any of you have any questions at all.. don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to answer. Again, I fully respect your opinions and merely aim to shed some light on where I’m coming from. If ya gotta hate, look man, I get it. Just remember, I was nobody, just a kid with big dreams and a lot of heart, and it was Scott who first saw greatness in me. It’s not so far fetched to believe that Robert, Dean and Eric can too. Through this I’ve made some awesome new friends, and for every person spouting negativity and hate, theres been hundreds more showing nothing but love.. I’m ok with that. Good luck to all the people auditioning! I’ve had a chance to hear some great ones! Great getting to speak with you all! -TG