Foo Fighters Claim Kurt Cobain Wrote Hole Album


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins recently discussed Kurt Cobain allegedly writing the Hole album Live Through This for Courtney Love. Hawkins said he bought his 11-year-old daughter a record player for Christmas, and he’s sharing his vinyl collection with her.

He told DIY Magazine, “I gave her ‘Ziggy Stardust…’ and I gave her The Who ‘Who’s Next’ and Queen’s ‘The Game’. She listens to a whole record while she’s putting up LED lights in her room and making her own little rock‘n’roll sanctuary.” Taylor pauses: “I don’t mean a Hole record. She wouldn’t listen to a Hole record,” he chuckles. “Well I don’t know, maybe she would! The first coupla Hole records are pretty good – especially the one Kurt Cobain wrote…”

He also claimed Dave Grohl could drum on all Foo Fighters albums himself if he wanted to.

“You know Dave doesn’t really need me to play drums – he could play everything himself,” Taylor admits. “But Foo Fighters is all about the hang factor. It’s a culture, almost, and it’s our own fucked-up little family.”

Kurt Cobain did not receive any songwriting credits on Live Through This, but he did sing backing vocals on an alternate version of “Asking For It” which sounds a lot like Nirvana.