Foo Fighters Make Surprising Dedication To President Trump


Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins guest hosted Jonesy’s Jukebox a couple days ago. Grohl did a British accent, doing somewhat of an impersonation of Steve Jones throughout the show. The pair briefly discussed President Donald Trump’s taste in music. Alternative Nation transcribed the conversation.

Taylor: Should I play the Genesis song, “Illegal Alien”?

Dave: Right, you’re a big Genesis fan right?

Taylor: Oh I love Genesis.

Dave: Oh yeah, they’re great.

Taylor: I thought we could dedicate Genesis “Illegal Alien” to Donald Trump.

Dave: He’ll be President soon, right?

Taylor: Yep.

Dave: Right.

Taylor: I think he’d like this song.

Dave: Just a few days from now. I wonder if he likes Genesis.

Taylor: I bet he does. Who doesn’t like Genesis?

Dave: Don’t know really.

Taylor: Everyone loves Genesis.

Dave: You think so?

Taylor: Well, maybe not everyone. There’s a lot of sides to Genesis. There’s the early 70’s flutes and boots, masks, 30 minute long songs Genesis. Then there’s the Phil Collins Genesis, kind of the pop side of Genesis. Big fan of his drumming.

Dave: Weren’t he the drummer?

Taylor: He was the drummer, then he went out front, and started singing, which is always a good idea when the drummer does that.

Dave: He could do both?

Taylor: He was just the drummer, and then he became the singer.

Dave: Only the good ones can do that mate.

Taylor: You’ve got to be good.

Dave: You’ve got to be really good to do that. You don’t see that happen too often.

Taylor: Only a few times has it really worked out. Hell, I’d be delivering pizzas if it didn’t happen in the 90’s.

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan appeared on Mancow last week, and defended President Donald Trump from false media reports. Corgan appeared the day after fake news was reported by CNN and BuzzFeed about President Donald Trump. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Corgan was discussing his road trip he is currently taking across America when the discussion shifted to politics.

“There’s something going on right now in America, where the American spirit or character is reasserting itself around liberty. I think it’s an important time, and I’m trying to document that as an artist. If I just filter what I read through the media, which obviously yesterday was a watershed day with the media, if I just go through what I read through the media, I’m not really in touch with the world I grew up in. I know there’s a gap there, I talk to my relatives, I talk to people I meet traveling around, and their mind is on something completely different.”

Mancow said it’s all propaganda in the media today, and Corgan followed up by trashing CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“I once had a feud with Anderson Cooper, who ran fake news about me a few years back. I would recommend anyone to watch the clip from last night of Anderson Cooper taking on [Counselor to President Trump] Kellyanne Conway. He spent 7 minutes melting down, it’s one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen from a journalist, especially someone at his level who understands the game. He absolutely is melting down trying to pin her down, and it’s amazing watching the mainstream American media melt down before our eyes. It’s something I thought I’d never see.”

Corgan has spoken positively in the past about Trump, while criticizing failed candidate Hillary Clinton as a globalist. He told InfoWars in July 2016, “Look at it from a very simple equation. You have a nationalist populist who is saying: ‘Everything is broken, and it needs to be fixed.’ Many many people feel that way, and that idea can only resonate if many many people feel that something needs to be broken before it can be fixed. Then on the other hand you have basically an open globalist saying: ‘Everything is fine, nothing to see here, let’s just march forward and we’re going to make it better.'”

Watch videos from Corgan’s new series where he travels across America and writes music below.