Watch Foo Fighters Members Play With Taylor Hawkins’ 11-Year Old Son


Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins joined forces for a Chevy Metal performance on Saturday in Los Angeles, and it was a Hawkins family affair. On drums for a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Miss You” was Hawkins’ 11-year old son Oliver Shane Hawkins, and he rocked it!

The performance was for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, to help alleviate hunger in the community.

Hawkins discussed advice from his own father in a Whale Bone Magazine interview.

Whale Bone Magazine: Best advice someone’s ever given you.

Taylor Hawkins: My dad told me once, “There ain’t nothing that’s for free. Nothing. If someone gives you something for free, there’s always a price for everything. Nothing’s free so never take anything for granted. Nothing’s free; everything comes with either a good price or a bad price.” I think his point was you’re always going to work. You always have to work.

Whale Bone Magazine: Yeah, thank your dad. Best memory of surfing?

Taylor Hawkins: I think it was the summer of ’84/’85 when I was first just really learning to be able to stand up on a board. I’m not really a good surfer at all. I was never really that good. I was much more into playing drums, playing music and stuff. I have friends who are absolute superheroes. A couple of them are pros. I just remember getting that first feeling of standing on a board, going down a wave and that magical, like no other feeling, there’s just no other feeling. When you get that stoke, it’s pretty addictive.