Foo Fighters Pressured To Not Let Other Members Write Songs


Taylor Hawkins discussed Foo Fighters management pressuring the band to leave a song he wrote off of In Your Honor in a new Consequence of Sound interview.

“I’m still striving for perfection that I never get. What I consider perfect is different now. All I’m ever trying to do in Foo Fighters is help Dave realize his goal for a song. There is a little bit of space to define yourself in that. It’s about making interesting music; that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do as a songwriter. I want to scribble, write, and play stadiums. Dave likes to write big, giant, infinite choruses, and so we don’t shy away from that. We’re always searching for the perfect song.”

He was then asked about writing for Foo Fighters’ next album.

“I think it would be cool. I write when we have a double record. There is only enough room for Dave on a single record; let’s leave the real writing to him. Our manager even wanted to take off the one song I ever wrote!”

“I think they figured if there is one less Dave Grohl song, then there’s one less chance of a hit. For the last few records, I’ve started singing backup vocals, so that’s become a new part and a relatively new space for me in this band. I could never have felt comfortable doing that unless I started doing my solo projects. The one fuels the other.”

Taylor Hawkins expresses what it’s like to be a rock star living in the suburbs and in the same gated community as the Kardashians with his first single, “Range Rover Bitch.” He discussed it in a new O.C. Register interview, and discussed his influences.

“Stewart Copeland wrote these crazy, weird songs on Police records that were kind of goofy, but they were great,” he said. “He couldn’t compete with Sting, but that’s all right. Roger Taylor always had a song on every Queen album and when he sang he had this kind of scratchy, cool voice, which I always did try to sound like when I was younger, which is probably why I sound like him now on accident. I always identified with that. I wanted to be in a band, but I also wanted to be with a microphone back there signing and being able to write a song every once in a while.”