Foo Fighters Reveal If Dave Grohl Has Ever Been A ‘Dickhead Rock Star’


Foo Fighters won the Best International Group award at the BRIT Awards, held at London’s O2 Arena, on Wednesday night. Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins revealed why the band has stayed together, and how Grohl himself revealed how he has avoided becoming a ‘dickhead rock star.’ Hawkins also discussed Grohl’s lack of pretentiousness.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, Dave explained: “It just requires the five of us to make music in a room – it’s that simple.

“When I work by myself it doesn’t sound like the Foo Fighters, it sounds like me.”

Drummer Taylor joked: “Yeah it sounds like the first Foo Fighters record!”

The group’s self-titled debut LP was all recorded by Dave and, although it was a huge success, he’s adamant he’d never take full credit for the achievements of the band.

Dave explained: “At the end of the day, I feel responsible for my comrades in my group, because we’ve been together for so long. I love playing shows and I love all those people who have stayed with us through all these years. If you think too much beyond that that’s when you turn into a d***head rock star.”

And, despite his highly successful career, Taylor is adamant you’ll never find a nicer guy than Dave in the industry because he “treats everybody the same.”

He said: “He treats everybody the same. He doesn’t shout; ‘I’m brilliant, I’m an artistic genius.’ He’s not pretentious like that. He made me see you don’t have to fall into the dark hole of rock stardom, you can just be a regular guy and nice – then everything becomes so much more simple. All these pretentious rock stars complicate their lives. The less complications in this crazy industry the better things are.”