Foo Fighters Reveal If New Album Is In Works


Despite rumors, Taylor Hawkins has told NME that Foo Fighters have not yet started writing their ninth record.

“We’re still in a hunker down period right now,” the drummer told NME. “We know we have those shows next year, and we did a charity event for Dave’s kid’s school a couple of weeks ago that got a little bit of press. We’re fine, we love each other we’re all good. We’re just figuring out when the world’s ready for more Foo Fighters, we’re a family.

“We will make a new record at some point. We won’t really be ready until Dave’s ready to go. It’s on the books, so we’ll definitely be playing. We never really know, we just wait for a text from Dave saying ‘hey, let’s go down to the studio.”

Dave Grohl told Damien Curry in September that he is currently hard at work on a new album, but didn’t reveal any more details regarding the project.

“Not a bad way to start the day. I don’t ever really care too much for ‘famous’ musicians, but my close friends know how gangster I am about Nirvana and this guy! #DaveGrohl Talked about our kids, his new record, producing…man…what a kool kat. The 12 year old in me just lost his shit. #Nirvana #FooFighters #rocknroll #music.”

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