Foo Fighters Rip Angry Fans After Skipping “Everlong”


The Foo Fighters are very well known to sound amazing live, but how have they been sounding since the new formation featuring Josh Freese? Thankfully, Reddit has answered that question and more with a review at a recent show in Pelham, Florida.

The original poster stated: “I just wanted to take some time to give my thoughts on the show last night in Pelham. My wife and I drove up from Pensacola yesterday afternoon, and it was our second time seeing the Foos in person. The first time was a bit over four years ago in Atlanta, so we knew we were in for a good time. Right out of the gate, they opened with ‘All My Life.’ Just the perfect song to start the show with, and it just sounded different. In a fantastic way. In fact, all five of the first songs had a different feel and vibe to them and I really think they worked with Josh’s style of play. Also, my voice was basically shot by the end of ‘The Pretender,’ but I didn’t care.”

It was noted by a few people who went to the show that the crowd was absolutely electric from the start. In fact, Violet Grohl was even there.

The poster continued: “It was great to see Violet on three songs. She has an amazing voice, and I think she will only get better as she gets older. But if there is one thing she can work on, is her stage presence. Experience will help with this, but she basically hid behind Dave on ‘Shame Shame,’ and was behind Nate and Pat on ‘The Teacher.’ Maybe it’s nerves? No idea, but definitely an opportunity to grow and develop.”

Now, many have been bringing up ‘The Teacher’ a lot as it seems to be one the of the favorite songs on the new album. This was also true for the show.

The poster said on ‘The Teacher’: Speaking of ‘The Teacher,’ holy f*ck, is that song amazing live. The crowd basically died because most people there had not heard it. We listened to it several times and upon knowing they played it on Wednesday, we listened to a few times on the drive up, so we were very familiar with it. In fact, they even went nearly 14 minutes with that song. If you liked the album version, you will love it live. I hope the live version shows up on YouTube, and the band sticks with that song in their set lists going forward.”

One song that seems to be staying on the Foo’s set list until the end of time is ‘Aurora,’ as Dave Grohl mentioned that it was Taylor Hawkins’ favorite song.

The poster closed: “My wife got misty-eyed at ‘Aurora,’ and I’m glad that I got to finally see it live. Dave did mention it was Taylor’s favorite song, so it will be played in every show they do until the end of time. Dave acknowledged the Everlong ‘situation’ from Wednesday night. Said that people online were saying that it was ‘the fourth time in 20 years that the band hadn’t played it,’ and told them to f*ck off 😂 Josh was fantastic, and with his playing style, most songs sounded different than when Taylor was the drummer. But he fit in really well, and I will be excited to see them after he has a year or two under his belt, and what the band is able to do. Pat, Nate, Chris and Rami were their usual chill selves. We need to get Dave to quit smoking. I want him still rocking 20 years from now.”

What a night to be remembered.