Former Dio Guitarist Talks New Solo Album


Former Dio guitarist Tracy G’s band, the Tracy G Group is back in action with a new album. Titled Tramp
,this record is set to release on October 13th and features Ray Luzier from Korn Patrick Johansson on drums as well as powerful vocalist Michael Beatty and labyrinthian bassist Randy Oviedo.I was recently able to interview Tracy on this upcoming release.





How did the writing process for this new album go and how would you compare it to the others?


I did the writing myself and then i sent it to the singer. We aren’t a group where the members all live far from each other so we had to sort of piece everything together. I sent the tracks to all the other members and they learned them and they flew out to the studio. The process was a puzzle. I’d say in style it’s pretty similar to my other stuff just with different musicians adding a little bit more flavor.


I notice you have members of WASP and Korn in the group. How did a lineup like this happen?


Patrick Johansson was in WASP for a while. Ray, the drummer from Korn, played on some of our tracks. He’s been in the band since 1990. He’s a phenomenal drummer. I just build songs around his drumming. We have another drummer named Adrian who just lives around the area. Pat and Ray don’t play gigs with us. Ray plays in Korn and Pat lives in Florida so our live band is much different.


Is there going to be a tour to promote the new album?


We hope so. We are working on it. We are looking to talk with agents and bookers to try to get as many gigs as possible. That’s the plan.


What was your favorite Dio track to play live?


The song “Pain” from “Strange Highways”. I love to play all his tracks, but that was my favorite to play.


Have you ever checked out Dio’s pre-Rainbow stuff? If so what do you think of it?


I’ve heard some of it. It’s pretty cool to see how he evolved.