Frances Bean Cobain Hires New Managers For Kurt Cobain


Billboard is reporting that Madonna and U2’s manger Guy Oseary and Live Nation TV president Heather Parry have been hired as the new managers of Kurt Cobain’s estate by Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love.

Oseary told Billboard, “Heather and I are humbled to come on as co-managers to the Kurt Cobain to support Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain in protecting and celebrating a legacy that is important to us all.”

“Managing an estate is not the music business. It’s the pop-culture legacy business,” says Jeff Jampol, whose company Jam Inc. counts the estates of The Ramones, Joplin, The Doors and Otis Redding on its roster. “The music represents an entry point, but estate management is an entirely different field — the media we deal with are books, documentaries, retail, apparel, museum exhibits … It’s about reanimating the body of work and putting it forward into the conversation, then all revenue streams will follow.”

Larry Mestel of Primary Wave, who handled Nirvana’s publishing through 2013, discussed the challenges of managing the estate of Cobain, who was notoriously anticommercial even while he was alive. “Good marketing minds adjust to the brands they have to work with.”