Globus Primed To Take Over Rock With Cinematica


The band Globus have easily become a favorite as of late. Their newest album, ‘Cinematica,’ has been on repeat for me ever since I first heard it.

Before we get too far ahead, let’s shed some light on this band. As a child, Yoav Goren (the band leader) couldn’t quite understand it, but his soul was enraptured when he listened to rock records whose productions wove in orchestral soundscapes. The big, heavy and dramatic storytelling of songs like “A Day In The Life”, “Nights In White Satin” and “Somebody To Love” shaped his fascination with that bigger-than-life sound borne out of mixing guitars, drums, orchestras and choir.

Yoav would then take on Hollywood where he would get the chance to score film trailers for franchises such as Spiderman, X-Men and Harry Potter with real live orchestras in large lush-sounding halls.

This then led to the birth of Globus and the genre Epic Rock, or alternatively, Cinematic Rock. The band was formed in 2006, and the first studio album, “Epicon” was released (top 20 UK album pop charts). The single “Orchard of Mines” spent nine weeks on the US Billboard Hot Singles Sales charts, peaking at #8. And a live show for the launch was performed to critical praise at Wembley Hall in London.

Globus’ brand of music focuses on storytelling within various social and historical backgrounds, and as principle songwriter, Goren felt this was best accomplished via multiple and distinct vocal stylings. So the Globus body work purposefully features many unique vocalists.

Speaking with Globus’ their influences are very extensive, but that’s what makes them so great. They list – Beatles, Queen, ELO, Pink Floyd, Muse, Radiohead, John Barry, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer….the song catalog has enjoyed dozens of sync placements in film trailers (Spiderman, Harry Potter), TV (Robot Chicken, Top Gear, America’s Got Talent), advertising (Spec Savers, Glenfiddich), video games (Witcher) and more.

As we dive into the album, I have to say that it surely is a wild ride in the best way possible. From the start, it’s a whole journey. Opening the album is a short clip, which, slowly gets us ready to start this amazing rush of sonic sound.

From the start, the album is truly awesome. I think you can pull so many sounds from this album. In some songs, I felt a Linkin Park vibe and in others, I felt the Pink Floyd and Beatles vibe that the band citied in their inspirations list.

The album is fresh and new. Truly, this band have their own sound which is not only new and refreshing, but also it’s a sound that is reminiscent and dare I say – nostalgic. The nostalgia isn’t something corny at all. It’s a totally unique sound that just has slight undertones of other great artists. It’s almost comforting to listen to this album.

This is a record that will please just about anyone. From start to finish, it’s truly a rush which has a moment in every song that made my hair stand on end. Give it a listen and keep up with Globus as they take over the world.