Gorguts Guitarist Talks Latest EP And Upcoming Tour


Quebec’s Gorguts have always been one of the worlds most acclaimed death metal bands.Their 1998 album, Obscura took the band’s sound from straight up death metal to an avant-garde,technical take on the genre. This release put the band way ahead of their time and influenced many who came after. Their 2013 album Colored Sands was one of the most acclaimed metal albums of that year. Just recently the band released an EP titled Pleides Dust. I was able to chat with current guitarist Kevin Hufnagel via email on this release.

How did the writing process for the new EP go? How would you compare it to the last full length, Colored Sands in style?

Luc wrote the first 20 minutes in one stretch and then sent a demo of that to everyone. Colin and I wrote our own parts to it separately, and then we demoed those and sent them around to everyone. We changed a few things here and there, but not much. Then we joined together and played through what we had thus far. In the following months Luc had a clearer picture of how to finish the piece and then sent over the last 10 minutes. Once again we wrote our own parts then had a few rehearsals to run through it as a full band. It’s sort of crazy how fast we actually put this all together; the inspiration was flowing for sure. Our ideas were a little bolder this time compared to Colored Sands.

What made you decide to make the EP one 32 minute track?

We wanted a new challenge, composition-ally.

What made you guys choose the name Pleiades Dust for the EP.

Luc comes up with the lyrical concepts and ideas, so he choose the title. We all felt the title really matched.

Any planned full length coming soon? If so, will this EP be a taste of whats in store for it?

Currently we are just focusing on the touring that will follow for this record. Nothing new is being worked on just yet. Luc likes to give himself some space after something has been released, before beginning something new. I certainly feel there’s more to explore on whatever the next record may be.

Any planned tours coming up? Are you guys coming to the US?

Yes. It’s currently being worked on now. It will be a full US tour in the Fall.