Greta Van Fleet Dressing Room Video Of Singer Leaks


A video of Greta Van Fleet frontman Josh Kiszka leaving his dressing room to go onstage for his comeback performance after vocal health issues has surfaced. You can view it below.

Greta Van Fleet returned to the stage after postponing several shows due to Josh Kiszka’s vocal health issues, but all seems to be well, as Kiszka sounded great at the band’s Lollapalooza Chile performance. You can see the videos below.

Greta Van Fleet previously had announced, “We have some sincerely unfortunate news regarding our upcoming shows February 22 – March 17 and must announce a complete reschedule to this Fall.

“A year and a half of constant touring has been both invigorating and exhausting. Josh currently has a relentless upper respiratory infection that has not yet had the chance to heal. His doctor has required extended rest as the only path to full recovery. It now feels necessary for the entire band to recalibrate our balance, both physically and mentally. Rather than continuing on to more performances and exacerbate things further, we have made this decision in order to give you the full Greta Van Fleet experience when we meet again.”

L.A. Guns frontman Phil Lewis praised Greta Van Fleet in a new Legendary Rock Interviews interview, defending the band after accusations that they have ripped off Led Zeppelin. He said there’s ‘nothing sexier’ than the type of rock and roll they play. Greta Van Fleet won the ‘Best Rock Album’ Grammy last month.

“I like Greta Van Fleet. I know they get a lot of shit from people. [They are a] good band. Anything that inspires a 12- or 13-year-old to pick up a guitar or learn to play bass or drums is okay with me. That’s exactly what they’re doing, so right now they’re my favorite.

[I have] great hope that they might be the ones to change everything, get kids off their phone, wanting to be DJs and wanting to do real rock instead. There’s nothing sexier, nothing cooler than a guy who can pick up a guitar and sing a song, or a bunch of guys in a band.

“Look at this Motley Crue movie [‘The Dirt’] — it’s gangbusters. People are going crazy. This doesn’t exist anymore and bands like Greta Van Fleet are making an effort. I notice that. I think it’s great, and I wish them all the best in the world.”